Monday, March 16, 2009

Road Season Update!

Update from following William & Mary weekend:

With the Start of Spring break the Mountaineers headed to the coast of Williamsburg. Day 1 started with the an ITT where Rachel led us out with an impressive 7th. Nick in the C field showed up, finished up the competition, then Cat'ed up. Jacob and Mark also showed their true colors (red, white & blue) and unleashed top ten finishes in the A and B field.

Day 2, The Mountaineers showed up with paddles in hand to spank the competition. In the C race Mark overwhelmed the field in a come from behind sprint to finish 2nd, with his teammate Dustin close behind in 6th. For the Womens A's, Amanda Gilbert pushed through the pain and was able to hang on for a 7th place finish. As for the B's Nick decided to race like the day before and CRUSH EVERYONE!

Up next on the schedule the Mountaineers will be heading up to West Virginia where we can expect similar terrain to Boone and similar results.