Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Have you seen us?

If you look around on campus over the next few weeks, you'll notice the App State Cycling Team in different media projects for the University. After recent success over the past few years and a team roster that continues to grow year-in, year-out, different offices on campus has taken notice of our team and what we are trying to accomplish.

Besides the club sports office doing their best to promote the team through different projects, our new best friends come from the University Communications Office. Linda Coutant and Mike Rominger helped us out a couple of months ago by taking some team photos on a team bike ride. These pictures will be used in numerous University publications including the new "Appalachian Viewbook" that will be sent to anyone requesting information about our University. The pictures will give the team exposure like we have never experienced before. Another project that will take place very soon is a short web video that will be shot and produced by the University Communication's Office. This video will be used on the University's main website, The web video will be another great way for us to tell the University community about our team and club sports in general. Expect high quality out of this video because the communication office produces top-notch material, and we will certainly update you as to when this project is finished.

Make sure you keep your eyes open for local races because being that it is summer break, many of our riders are all over the east coast racing in their respective communities. Watch for the riders with the block "A" riding past at a bike race near you!

-AppState Cycling