Tuesday, March 27, 2007

bringing the fire!

The past week in the high country has been very warm by March standards. Temps have climbed into the 70's and the ASU Cycling Team has reemerged on the streets showing those white thighs and arms in an attempt to gain back those much desired tan lines. A cyclist is nothing if he can't walk around without a shirt while still looking as if he was wearing a shirt. Bring on the sun and the warmer temps and kick off those leg warmers and wind vests, the month of April is right around the corner.

This week marks an important week in the schedule for the team. Preparation is taking place for Wake Forest this coming weekend and the team looks poised to make a good run at claiming the weekend's top prizes. From top to bottom the team is looking strong and well trained. Only time will tell if the right things will come together for a good weekend but look for App State to make some statements this weekend. Updates will come soon!

Also look for updates from racing this past weekend in Virginia. Word on the streets is that David Forkner unleashed the fury and he certainly looks primed to enforce another punishing race at Wake. As far as the picture is concerned for this post, it features Michael Wilson as he goes in a breakaway during the races in Philly. Mike Wilson is also dominating the ACCC this year so look for him bringing the fire to a town near you.

-App State Cycling

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Leading the Peleton

Here is a brief overview of the recent race weekend that took place in Philadelphia. Results of the race can be found at www.appstatecycling.com.

"In Philly ASU dominated in the usual fashion. Jerid Gooding led the way in Saturday's Circuit race with a gnarly 19th place finish in a field of 88. In the C's Dan Wendover (the dark horse of the weekend) grabbed a 14th place finish and Mike Koballa began his reign of terror with a 16th place finish out of 71 starters. Sunday morning was the team time trial with the A team taking 7th out of 17th, the B's 11th out of 20, and the C teams taking 5th (Booyah), 11th, and 19th out of 21 teams. Mike Koballa in the C's made a killer move and took a 2nd place finish in a field of 66 starters. Zach Parker sprinted to an (oh so) impressive 10th place B finish out of a massive field of 92. David Forkner, Ross Bowden, Michael Wilson, and J. Gooding played the A field like a fine instrument rocketing Ross to a whama-jamma 5th place finish. Not only educating the northeast to the whereabouts of our fine university the team also took 17th out of 57 teams and by my calculations a 1st place ACCC Division 2 finish."

So it looks like Appalachian is picking up this season where they left off after last season. The John Hopkins/Maryland weekend was a bust with the bad weather this past weekend but the Mountaineers look to pick up again this weekend when they travel to UVA for an uphill time trial. The Apps will then prepare next week for a huge weekend at Wake Forest that features an Individual Time Trial, a circuit race, a criterium, and more! It looks like it will be time for the Mountaineers to show the Demon Deacons who deserves to wear the black and gold and I have a feeling it will be the guys with the big Block A on the back of the jerseys. Give em' Hell Apps!!!

-App State Cycling

Monday, March 19, 2007

App State!

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog of the App State Cycling Team. The team is from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, and we compete in the Atlantic Coast Collegiate Cycling Conference. The team is coming off a strong 2006 season where they claimed their 3rd ACCC title and placed 12th at Collegiate Cycling Nationals! We are looking to make another strong run this season so stay posted.

Throughout the next few weeks look for constant updates and upgrades to this blog as we try to bring you more news about the team and what we're all about. Until then, keep the rubberside down and watch out for the Mountaineers as they come to a town or a street near you.

-App State Cycling